Exactly What About Peace Technology?

Major as it is, the cyber ping-ponging in between America and North Korea appears futile. As with most technological wars, no one actually wins. There is always something newer and much better simply around the corner. Technologies have the tendency to get more sophisticated gradually, and as with the history of most weapons– from spears […]

The Year In Technology, And Exactly What To Anticipate In 2015

At first dismissed as a trend, large-screened cellphones are becoming the standard. Experts believed Samsung had actually lost its marbles when it popped a 5.3-inch display on its 2011 Galaxy Note. This years phones make that model appearance puny. Apple signed up with the phablet party with its 5.5-inch iPhone 6 Plus, while Google and […]

Tesla Leads 2014 Company And Innovation News

For lots of Northern Nevadans 2014 seemedappeared like a turning point in so lots of methods. Let’s take an appearancehave a look back and see how the occasions and developments of 2014 have actually altered the landscape and outlook for our region.The biggest news in business and innovation was Tesla’s statement that Northern Nevada was […]

3 Technology Stocks For The Semiconductor Boom Of 14

The ongoing recuperation in the global economy is resulting in a steady strengthening of the innovation sector, with more improvement anticipated in 2015. Other drivers consisted of the increasing penetration of semiconductor devices into brand-new applications, the proliferation of mobile devicescell phones, the growing importance of Web services and cloud computing coming of age. The […]

Girl Scouts Discover Vital Innovation Skills At FSU Camp

As you use your computer system today do you know what code directs the commands?How about the hardware on your device? The responses to these concerns were answered for more than 60 Girl Scouts in grades 2- 8 and 15 adults in Tallahassee at two technology camp sessions held Saturday, December 6 on the school […]

Technology Alters The Face Of Education

When it concerns finishing projects in Efrain Tovar’s English courses at Abraham Lincoln Middle School, students no longer kip down paper work onto the educator’s desk to be graded. Rather, they struck the “conserve” button.After piloting a program where students and educator alike use iPad innovation, the program is being rolled out at the middle […]

Innovation For World Peace, Not World Damage

Fire is technology. We can utilize it to warm our food and our home or it can burn down our community. Its all a matter of how we select to utilize technological resources, or abuse them. If you are reading this now then you are engaging with some of the most complex technology in the […]

Google Purchasing Wellness Innovation Startup Lift Labs

Google Inc. is getting wellness innovation startup Lift Labs to add to its Google X research device, as the business pursues techniques to resolve neurodegenerative diseases such as Parkinsons. Terms werent revealed. San Franciscos Lift Labs sells a handheld stabilizing device, with attachments such as a fork, spoon or essential holder, to assistto assist people […]