The End Of Academic Elites

The web has actually changed everything, so much so that even I, a guy who has been online for 19 years, am continuously surprised at the rate of accelerated change. The printing press changed the world in a couple of decades in the 16th century.The internet is even more advanced. Even more so than journalism, […]

Thanksgiving Travel Flowing Simple At RSW

FORT MYERS, Fla. – In the wake of current terror attacks overseas, the US State Department released a travel alert during among the busiest travel holidays. While no specific risk from any terrorist group has actually been reported targeting the United States, airport security across the country is additional vigilant.Lauren Bogovic and her other half […]

Fort Drum Tests New High-Performance Insulation Technology

FORT DRUM, NY Fort Drum is the website of a United States Army Corps of Engineers job that will check a new high-performance insulation innovation for buildings designed to maintain heat inside your home more efficiently and with higher cost savings. Energy loss specifically, wall-related heat loss is estimated to cost the United States Department […]

Calm At BWI This Thanksgiving, Regardless Of Worldwide Travel Alert

BALTIMORE (WJZ) Americans remain on alert around the world for terror threats. Even with those worries, travel this Thanksgiving went smoothly in the air. WJZ Private investigator Mike Hellgren reports. Despite that worldwide travel alert, it was calm at BWIa light travel day this Thanksgiving. After the State Department prompted extra alertness, many airports increase […]

Holiday Travel Simple For People In South Florida

HOLLYWOOD, Fla. – It was all smiles Thursday afternoon at Ft. Lauderdale Hollywood International Airport as holiday tourists arrived anticipating a turkey dinner. By late afternoon, the airport was almost a ghost town.The just put seeing any activity was arrivals due to the fact that most people started their travel day in between 6 am […]