Texas Troopers To Ask Drivers Their Race After Examination

Exactly what we can do better, and we must have been doing better, is gather the information accurately, as it associates with Hispanics. Plain and easy, [were] guilty, McCraw said, according to KXAN. That should have been done much better and weve got an obligation to fix that. Natarajan, the law professor, said she hoped […]

Coast Guard Saves Man And His Family Pets From Stranded Sailboat

RACCOON ISLAND, Pamlico County – The Coastline Guard rescued a 68-year-old male and his 2 family pets Thursday from a grounded sailboat near Raccoon Island. Coast Guard view standers were informed Thursday the 36-foot sailboat Scampo with a man, his dog and his feline aboard ran aground.A 45-foot response boat launched from Station Hobucken and […]